I Knew Texas was Big, but …

it took two more days of pretty much just driving to reach our next goal, Fort Davis! Of course, there were wonderful interludes like stopping for coffee and an amazing cinnamon bun in a small town called Medina. The coffee shop also had that most wonderful of commodities, free internet! We then walked across the street to a wonderful ACE Hardware where we proceeded to buy peat moss, split loom wire protectors, tie wraps and some other odds and ends – we made their day for the most eclectic mixture of purchases.

We stopped for the evening in a really nice independent campsite (no other real options) called the North Llano River RV Park. They had a great laundry, which meant that the clothes got washed. It was pleasant, much cooler than the temperatures we had suffered in San Antonio and we were invited to share a glass of wine with some very pleasant Texans in a nearby space. (It all started when Denise accosted one of the ladies who was walking a beautiful German Shepherd.) We ended up joining them for dinner at a local dive and enjoyed chicken fried steak with lots of fried vegetables (potatoes, squash and huge onion rings. (Well, it is Texas!). There was a salad bar also, so the diet was only partly shot!

The next day we made it to a lovely state park, Fort Davis State Park. It was still very windy and temperatures had not made it above the low 60’s so it felt cold. The next day dawned cloudy and still super windy. It felt very cold, so having dressed in multiple layers, we headed out to tour the restored fort. The day continued windy and cloudy, but we had a wonderful time inspecting all of the exhibits and climbing to the top of the mountains behind the fort. Fort Davis had a long and fascinating history, from being established before the Civil War, evacuated and occupied by the Confederates during the Civil War, and reoccupied by the U.S. Army after the Civil War. It was manned by the famous “Buffalo Soldiers” for a time before finally being closed when the Indian Wars ended. See more here: http://www.nps.gov/foda/index.htm Highly recommended.

FTDavis  0004Looking across the parade ground towards the Officers’ quarters. We climbed to the top of the mountain in the background.

FTDavis  0005

FTDavis  0006Denise playing the “Road to Fort Davis” game. It took about a month to reach Fort Davis from San Antonio.

FTDavis  0001 View climbing the hill. Note the school kids invading the site.

FTDavis  0003 FTDavis  0008Beautiful cacti on the hill.



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