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The Lion and Lamb Tour

The old adage is that March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” We have just returned from a trip that began with camping in temperatures down to about 10F and ended with us running the air conditioner. We spent at lot of energy and money to create a true, four season camper, precisely so that we would not be limited in the winter, but we do have to confess though that we can see why more people do not travel in the northern USA in the winter. With apologies to W.C. Fields – it is basically closed, even in March.

We started in the Hudson Valley of New York State and headed into Connecticut for our first stop. We were not in the mood for interstates so we ambled across country on state roads enjoying the scenery and spent our first night at the New England Air Museum, near Bradley International Airport north of Hartford, Connecticut. ( We had visited the museum years ago and wanted a return visit as it is well worth an hour or three if you like planes as Fred does. He especially likes the Sikorsky flying boat and fully restored B-29. We could not see the outside planes unfortunately as they were still under snow but the inside sections kept us busy for several hours. As a bonus, the Museum also belongs to the Harvest Hosts camping group and we were able to spend the night in their parking lot, which was nice and flat and very convenient! (

Lion-Lamb 1We had managed to find a KOA campsite near Plymouth, Massachusetts that is open year round so the following day we headed there first under beautiful blue skies and freezing temperatures to see if we did indeed have a reservation. We checked in and found them plowing our space so we left them to it and headed to Plimouth Plantation about 30 minutes away.

The Plimouth Platation had just opened and we were so glad that it had; it is a really magnificent display, much like Colonial Williamsburg or Olde Sturbridge Village. We passed a fascinating afternoon learning about the Pilgrims and the colony that was founded there and chatting to the costumed interpreters who were thrilled to chat, as there were very few visitors. It was another sunny but chilly day and we were happy to warm ourselves by their fires and hear about the hard winter they experienced after landing in November. Especially fascinating was the use of Original Pronunciation, which is a theme we had met before in Shakespearean plays and other works from the era. After warming up with a much-needed cappuccino, we went to admire the Plymouth Rock and then headed back to our campsite, which was now ready for our use. Our water access tap was still frozen but they found a hose to get us water from the next site over (still under snow) which was working.

The next day also dawned sunny and cold and we headed this time to Cape Cod. As we expected it was quite closed, but we enjoyed our day. We visited the Glass Museum at Sandwich and enjoyed the glass blowing demonstration, though managed not to buy anything! ) Then back on the road through a series of quaint little towns with charming architecture. We ventured as far as the remnants of the Marconi transmission station tourist site (the actual station and site has since fallen into the sea) and went down onto the Marconi beach just to say that we had. Then we were back into Ndeke Luka to warm up and head back to our campsite.

Lion-Lamb 9The final leg of a trip was a visit to some friends in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Unfortunately, the weather deteriorated (it even snowed on one day) but that only made us more determined to return to see it in better conditions, perhaps with leaves on the trees? But we visited Fort William and saw the most photographed light house in Maine, had a wonderful day shopping in Freeport and a wonderful meal at the Boat House, where the Maine lobster was fresh and much enjoyed.


Next visit, we shall see more of Portland and her museums, all of which were (wait for it!) closed! We would also very much like to explore Maine further in future trips.

Lion-Lamb 11 Lion-Lamb 10

Hate to admit it, but these are even louder than the new air horns on Ndeke Luka. ;-(

Lion-Lamb 12

There really is a lake here, you just have to come back in the spring to see it.